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Raves About Wander Woman

Suzanne has been providing top quality articles and photos for OffbeatTravel.com for several years. She is a joy to work with both for her totally professional attitude on the business side and her vitality and enthusiasm on a personal level.”

–Neala Schwartzberg, founder, www.offbeattravel.com.


“Suzanne has been our travel editor since our launch in 2003. She is an amazing writer. She is discerning-- she asks the right questions. People like her. And, she always finds the story even if there doesn't appear to be one present. Her travel writing is inspiring. Suzanne seeks to honor the culture which she is submersed in. She is always on time and she goes above and beyond what is expected of her every time without fail. Oh yes, all of that and she has a sparkling passion for life!”

--Kristi Wipperfurth, Managing Editor, ON Magazine, Dallas


"Suzanne has participated in several of Georgia Turner Group's media tours in the past. As a result of our tours, she has written many interesting travel stories in outlets throughout the U.S.. It is always a pleasure to travel with her, and I look forward to working with her again in the future!"

--Georgia Turner, President, Georgia Turner Associates

“Suzanne is an excellent writer and I always enjoy reading about her travel adventures.”

--Melissa Libby, President, Melissa Libby & Associates

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