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I was restless from the start: I was born a full two months prematurely, in Istanbul, a city that straddles two continents. Adopted by a globe-trotting Navy couple, I joined them in their peripatetic lifestyle. As a child, I mostly lived abroad, moving eight times before I was 14.

Perhaps as a result I love traveling. Degreed in communications and marketing, I spent 15 years in corporate America, traveling frequently for business before I became a full-time writer in 2001. A year later, I began adventure, culinary and luxury travel features for magazines and newspapers.

I love planning a trip, I love buying suitcases, I love airports, I love hotels, I love cities, I love wide open places! I love solitude in a crowd.

As an adult, I have made my home Atlanta (twice), Chicago and Washington, D.C. My current home base is Scottsdale, Arizona. I love the desert Southwest!

Member, Society of American Travel Writers
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Member, International Culinary Tourism Association
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