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Favorite Places

The number one question I’m asked is “Where is my favorite place in the world?” It’s an impossible question to answer. I suppose the places I love best are places I could see myself living. These are among my favorite destinations:

  • Burma: A cruise along the Irawaddy River rolls back time
  • Fez, Morocco: I love getting lost in the thrum of the medina, the minarets sounding call to prayer
  • Istanbul: A simply stunning city of contrasts
  • Monument Valley, Utah: Peaceful red dessert
  • Nepal: such gentle-spirited people, such magnificent panoramas
  • New Orleans: Old Europe in the Deep South—and great food
  • Rio de Janeiro: Splendid natural—and human—scenery
  • Oaxaca, Mexico: Preserved colonial architecture and excellent cuisine
  • Santa Fe: An artsy Southwest town with great day trips
  • San Francisco:  We all leave our heart there
  • Venice, Italy: The romance of wandering small streets off the squares and over the canals


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